Respect Electoral Code of Conduct- FODEP

There is need to put in place stringent measures that will deter politicians from breaching the electoral code of conduct with impunity, says Forum for Democratic Process (FODEP).

FODEP executive Director Mac Donald Chipenzi also accused the police officers of undermining the electoral code of conduct because of the manner they handled issues of political parties.

Mr Chipenzi told the Daily Nation that following reports that some politicians were abrogating the electoral code of conduct, it was also important that stakeholders worked together to eradicate the vice.

Mr Chipenzi noted that breaching the electoral code of conduct in some areas where by- elections were taking place was common and said there was need to sensitize electorates so that they were not intimidated.

“Sometimes people vote for the candidate who is not their preference, because of some politicians who lure them with materials, which is not a good idea and this creates a violent atmosphere for holding elections,” he said.

Mr Chipenzi alleged that the police service was not doing enough to ensure there was sanity in the electoral process.

He said it was the duty of the police to bring to book the culprits who were breaking the law with impunity..

Mr Chipenzi said it was disappointing that nothing has been done about some individuals abrogating the electoral code of conduct in the presence of government officials.

He however urged chiefs to desist from active politics, and said Article 129 of the current Constitution barred the Chiefs to participate in politics would help serve as a lesson regarding breaching of the electoral code of conduct.

“We are appealing to our chiefs not to engage in these politics because such will dent their image. They are supposed to urge the government to deliver development that the people so badly need,” he said.