Setting up of a national airline is obscene…in the midst of high poverty levels in Zambia

It is obscene for the Patriotic Front government to contemplate setting up a national airline in the midst of high poverty levels among the people of Zambia, says political analyst Nason Msoni.

Mr MsoniĀ  said it was sad that government was trying to make the national airline issue as a priority when it knows for a fact that this project requires huge sums of money.

He described this as an ambitious project unsustainable undertaking given the fact that the airline business was so exorbitant.

“This idea of setting up a national airline is abnormal because this undertaking requires a lot of funds in such crushing and humiliating poverty among our people. Government needs to provide the necessities for the people and should stop thinking about such projects when Zambians live below poverty datum line,

“The advocates of this ambitious project should have a moral conviction that this project only serves the interest of a few people and their elitist friends to the exclusion of the majority of our people who can’t afford,” he said.

Mr Msoni said government should always put public resources in areas that serve the broadest interest of its peopleĀ  if it was to continue to be relevant to the people that put it in office.

He said airline business should be left to the private sector and government should merely play the role of a facilitator other than subjecting its people to more poverty.

He observed that it would be a serious contradiction of policy for government to engage in competition with the private sector running airline business.

“When you claim to be liberal with relevant legislation to protect foreign investment you can’t be the same political entity again seen to be playing a leading role doing business because in the end you will decide to stifle competition in order to survive, government has no business in running an airline,” he said.

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  1. This msoni guy, has he got anything tangible he does in life. Does he not know that even poor countries have airlines. Tourists use other airlines to come to Zambia dimwit.

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