ZR board members carpeted over allowances

The demands by the Zambia Railways board members to be paid K500m over two in which they have done nothing is unjustifiable and rape of a company that is being resuscitated, says UPND deputy secretary general Kachunga Simusamba.

Mr Simusamba, said the demand by board members was a clear case of corruption that government should concentrate on instead of prosecuting former President Rupiah Banda.

He warned the board members that they should be mindful that the money they were fighting for was borrowed money which has to be paid back.

He said that it was sad that board members had turned the company into a conduit to siphon public funds into private pockets.

Mr Simusamba also challenged government to move swiftly and stop the board members from stealing.

“As UPND we are calling on government to move in and stop the corruption that is taking place at Zambia Railways. The PF administration is quick to act when it comes to other people can they also show responsibility and save public funds that are being misappropriated at this company,” he said.

Mr Simusamba was reacting to revelations by the Daily Nation that some board members at the railway company were demanding up to K 500 million each in sitting allowances which the new Chief executive Officer Professor Clive Chirwa has rejected.

The board headed by former discredited and defunct task force on corruption chairman Mark Chona has since suspended the company’s Finance Director Regina Mwale because she refused to disburse the money to the board members.

The controversy rose over the $120 million from government which was deposited in Zanaco account but is now reportedly on its way to Finance Bank an arrangement which Professor Clive Chirwa was not aware of.

Daily Nation sources said both Professor Chirwa and Ms Mwale opposed the move to transfer the money from Zanaco to Finance Bank.

However Pro Clive Chirwa told the Daily Nation that there were only a few corrupt elements within the board membership and that out of the 11 members about three to four were the ones that were demanding the hefty allowances.

Pro Chirwa demanded that the finance director be reinstated and that the corrupt board members be removed from their positions as this was disturbing the progress at the railway company.

2 thoughts on “ZR board members carpeted over allowances

  1. let Prof Clive Chirwa work please. those board members must give him space and not overstep into his role. when are we going to learn to be selfless in this country. we the youths are seriously watching you. stop frustrating development, we want prof Chirwa’s ambitious plans for Zambia Railways to bear fruit. stay put Prof are do want is best for mother Zambia, period!

  2. And to top it up three directors got brown envelopes from Mahtani to influence to shift 125,000,000 dollars from Zanaco to Finance Bank. His henchman Barkat Ali has been doing dubious transactions to siphon off huge sums of money for such nefarious activities.

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