Aupi Agro Foam is not honest

Dear Editor,

Allow me pass comments on the operation of a firm called AUPI AGRO FOAM in Ndola.

This firm has been deducting loans from many civil servants in the Copperbelt region even if they never obtained any loan or any household goods from them. Many of the affected civil servants do not even know that there is a firm by this name in this particular business. The affected Civil Servants have noticed loan deductions from their pay slips going to AUPI Agro FOAM. Those that obtained loans or household goods have loan deductions that never cease.

On Thursday 18th April, 2013, the affected workers stormed its offices in near Vitanda Street in Ndola to query the dubious deduction but management were so rude and this prompted them to register their complaint to MUVI TV –Ndola.

This company has been stealing money from unsuspecting civil servants for the past 15 years or so. Victims that confront them head on have their money refunded through appropriate courts. It seems like that is how this company survive.

One question that has kept lingering in my mind is; How come government accountants could process dubious loans without authorisation or verification from the victims?

I therefore implore the Drug Enforcement Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission and The Zambia Police to thoroughly investigate AUPI AGRO FOAM, otherwise our Citizens are not safe.