Zambian contractors pathetic

Dear Editor

It is sad that Chinese contractors are more patriotic working on Zambian projects than local contractors.Am saddened by the pace of road works in Kabwe town.

The Zambian contractor given to do road works is just making the town dirty with dust emmissions which are a hazard to humans and the environment.It seems this contractor has no machinery to make bituminous roads.

We have complained alot as Kabwe residents over the poor state of roads when a contractor has been on sight since last year.

Surprisingly,the road passing through the provincial office of the presidential adminstration offices is blocked to avoid dust as if the provincial minister and permanent secretary are the only people in town who don’t want dust emissions in their offices.

A few weeks ago the president was complaining about some ministers not telling him the truth.

The truth is that the state of roads in Kabwe shows lack of seriousness in implementing government programmes and dents the image of the government.

Why should we have gravel roads in a town with huge traffic.

We no longer bath and wear clean clothes or wash our cars when going into kabwe town due to dusty roads.May the president who is in charge of the Road Development Agency quickly intervene and ensure that the  roads in Kabwe are worked on to bituminous standards.From

Wisdom Kaunda in Kabwe