ACC challenged to explain Wynter clearance

The opposition UPND has challenged the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to state on what basis Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was cleared when there was no interview to ascertain whether the allegations were true or not.

And the opposition party has threatened to hold public demonstrations in all provincial capitals against the decision by the ACC to clear Mr Kabimba.

Party deputy secretary general Kuchunga Simusamba said this in his letter to the director general for the ACC dated 18th April 2013 in which he asked the Commission to justify why the investigations on Mr Kabimba were abandoned.

Mr Simusamba said that it was public knowledge that the ACC held a Press Conference at which it informed the nation that it had received an official complaint concerning the alleged corrupt acts of Wynter Kabimba and the Commission further pledged to keep the nation informed on the out come of the investigations.

“It is also public knowledge that Hon. Wynter Kabimba did not at any time cooperate with the ACC. Instead

he kept throwing tantrums in the press issuing threats and ultimatums against the commission and we are also aware that the interview at the commission was disturbed by horde of cadres that accompanied him,” he said.

He said as a party it wondered how the Commission had arrived at a decision to clear the minister and whether the remarks by President Michael Sata that his ministers were not to be investigated without his knowledge and approval was the basis for the clearance.

“Unless you indicate sufficient evidence to show that there was an active investigation for the purpose of prosecution against Mr Kabimba, we will be left with no choice but to begin holding public demonstrations in all provincial capitals against your decision.

“Further we shall embark on a crusade to portray the said minister as a corrupt element since his clearance is questionable,” Simusamba said.

Mr Simusamba said it was public knowledge that the ACC had failed to interview the Justice Minister as he had turned out with cadres the day he was supposed to have been interviewed and wondered why last week the Commission said they had stopped investigations against Mr Kabimba.