‘Disrespectful’ Scott annoys UPND

Vice president Guy Scott has no respect for the locals for suggesting that Zambia is a country of thieves, says UPND Mbabala Member of Parliament Ephraim Belemu.

Mr. Belemu said that Zambia was a not a country of thieves as insinuated by Dr. Scott but that the Patriotic Front (PF) was a party run by corrupt crooks whose preoccupation was to make quick money by forgetting  the poor Zambians.

He was reacting to Dr Scott’s comments during his campaign trails in Kapiri Mposhi recently where he allegedly told a PF rally that Zambia was a country of thieves.

Mr Belemu said that it was wrong and highly irresponsible for Dr. Scott to generalize the thieving of the PF to encompass  everyone.

“Firstly I feel sad about Dr. Scott’s statement that Zambia is a country of thieves. It was going to be fair for Dr. Scott to come out in the open by informing the nation who the thieves in Zambia  are. I challenge Dr. Scott to come out in the open to state who is corrupt in government rather than him generalizing issues of thieves in Zambia.

” Zambia is not a country of thieves. I am not a thief, I have not stolen and if he has done that it is him then who should call himself by that title,” said Mr. Belemu.

Mr. Belemu who is UPND chairperson for Tourism and Culture told the Daily Nation that Dr. Scott’s statement was irresponsible and careless as it had a negative impact on Zambia’s effort to host the United Nations World Tourism Organization Conference (UNWTO).

He said that it was disheartening how the PF leadership was abusing and insulting Zambians that they were thieves when in fact it was the PF government which was running cartels in the procurement of oil, administration of justice, management of the agriculture sector and tourism.

Mr. Belemu said that it was unholy and shameful for Dr. Scott to suggest that Zambians were untrustworthy

“I was shocked that that old man can start talking about Zambians like that. He can talk about people who voted for him and his party like that. The PF has no respect for people who gave them the power and authority they are daily abusing.

“It is shameful for the PF to continue insulting the people of Zambia like that without remorse. It is a well known fact that the PF has a lot of thieves and it would have been only fair for him to indicate that the thieves he was referring to where in PF. It is only in the PF where you find MPs, Councilors, Ministers and Mayors accusing each other of corruption. So he should have made it clear rather than generalizing that Zambia is a country of thieves,” he said.