Kapiri Mposhi ballot papers tampered with

The room in which Kapiri Mposhi constituency ballot boxes were being stored was broken into and papers tampered with.

According to UPND Campaign Manager for Kapiri mposhi by election Austin Milambo, the Council Chamber where the ballot boxes are kept was on Friday morning found completely open without anyone there.

Mr. Milambo who is also UPND Mwembeshi Member of Parliament told the Daily Nation that the situation has raised suspicions in his party.

He said that after the chamber was found open, he personally called the council secretary and other stakeholders to discuss the matter because it was serious.

“Today we had a shock when we found the room in which ballot boxes were kept open without any forced entry,” Mr. Milambo said.

“To us as UPND this has raised suspicions and we feel there is an underhand being applied by the PF,” he said

Mr. Milambo said that he personally feels that something has happened and has demand for an explanation from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on why the chamber was not guarded by the police.

He said after a meeting with stakeholders was convened, it was discovered that the council chamber has three keys and all the keys were in the hands of various peopleĀ  including the council chairman.

“When we discovered that the door was open, we called for a meeting to discuss the situation as I am talking to you right now we are verifying the voter registers so that we can ascertain whether something has happened or not,” he said.

“When you called me we were in a small meeting to discuss this same issue and we have agreed to check the registers. And when we finish, I will ask the party secretariat to assist me with the serial numbers of the voter registers to know whether they are corresponding,” Mr. Milambo said.

Mr. Milambo said that if he had powers within himself, he was going to cancel the elections because they may not be free and fair.

“If I had powers within myself, I was going to cancel these elections because already we suspect that something is going on and this will result in the election being marred and not free and fair,” Mr. Milambo

He said that the open door is an indication that the PF was using dubious means of trying to rig the election but was quick to state that the UPND was ahead of the PF.

The Campaign Manager said that the council secretary had also noticed some lapses in the way the way the campaigns and election might be held.

And Mr. Milambo has disclosed that no incidences of violence have been recorded in Kapiri Mposhi.

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