Bloated Cabinet worries YALI

The Patriotic Front (PF) government has come under attack for creating a bloated Cabinet of 67 ministers at the expense of solving people’s problems aimed at uplifting their living standards.

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) board secretary Mundia Hakoola said the PF has failed to turn the country’s problems around despite many promises it made to the people and has instead preoccupied itself with creating more Cabinet positions with three deputies in several ministries.

Mr Hakoola said instead of working towards poverty alleviation, President Michael Sata was busy expanding the size of government much to the chagrin of the nation.

“The PF have been in office for over a year and the country’s problems are worsening, so it is disappointing that the PF government has grown this large cabinet which is costing this country millions of Kwacha that can be used towards poverty alleviation and building higher institutions of learning.

“President Sata is on record for saying that his government wants to reduce government expenditure; this is however directly contradicting his own words looking at this highly bloated Cabinet,” he said.

Mr Hakoola was saddened by the inefficiencies in the education sector which has remained a luxury to many people because of the inadequacies especially in the higher learning institutions.

The Copperbelt University is currently facing huge challenge in accommodation as some of its full time students have been sleeping in the chapel due to lack bed space at the campus.

He said the size of the Cabinet was not cost effective for a country like Zambia where people have continued to live in abject poverty despite the abundant resources.

“YALI is alive to the fact that this government promised the Zambian people a reduced Cabinet and we  are now surprised over the ever rising number of deputy ministers, with some ministries having up to three deputy ministers,”

He questioned the logic in reducing the number of cabinet ministers when government has continued to increase the number of deputy ministers.

“YALI calls on the President to seriously look at this sad scenario and ensure that the resources for the Zambian people are put where they are much needed. The government needs to dialogue with all well meaning young people and citizens to address the problems of Zambia,” he said.