50 plus 1 will knock out Sata in 2016

The 50 per cent plus 1 presidential threshold vote does not favour the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) government  and come 2016, President Michael Sata is losing the election, says former PF Kankoyo Constituency Member of Parliament Percy Chanda.

Mr. Chanda said that it was important now that the opposition exercises unity of purpose in order to end a tyrannical regime and liberate the people of Zambia.

In an interview, Mr. Chanda said that the 50 per cent plus 1 vote for a winning presidential candidate completely disadvantaged the Patriotic Front (PF) against forming the next government.

“50 per cent plus 1 vote will disadvantage the PF because the people of Zambia are already tired with the current government and leadership. People still want change because they are not happy with President Sata,” he said.

He said that the wind of change since September,  2011 had not stopped blowing because the PF had failed to settle down in office and fulfill its campaign promises.

Mr. Chanda said that it was high time the opposition political parties shared a platform to protect the governance of the country.

He said that a strong and vibrant opposition was desirable for the 2016 general election as the people of Zambia were seriously looking for a selfless leadership.

And former Western Province Minister in the MMD government Richard Mwapela said that the change people were talking about was not with the PF. Mr. Mwapela said that he had been promised many things by the PF in order for him to defect to the ruling government but that he saw no future in it.

“I have been promised so many things by the PF but I have told them that I am not available for any dictatorial and  cheating government. I have seen young Members of Parliament from the opposition chasing for the jobs in the PF, I have always told them that these jobs as deputy ministers are not worth betraying the people of Zambia for,” he said.

He said that opposition MPs should always strive to represent the people of Zambia by believing in the ideologies of their parties because the stance the PF government had taken was to totally wipe out the opposition and create a one party state. Mr. Mwapela said that the current politics the Patriotic Front (PF) was conducting was  dangerous for the development and the growth of the nation’s democracy.