ACC workers want Wandi out

Officers at the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) have demanded for the immediate removal of their director general Rosewin Wandi for failing to add value to the institution.

The officers who sought anonymity told the Daily Nation that they were calling for the immediate removal of Ms. Wandi because they had lost confidence in her leadership.

And former Siavonga UPND Member of Parliament Douglas Syakalima has described Ms. Wandi as a `’shameless liar whose effort to clear corrupt political characters has left her struggling to re-build her corrupt and compromised personal image from the serious destruction she has created for herself.

In a letter made available to the Daily Nation, the officers at the institution expressed disappointment in the manner Ms. Wandi was running the affairs of the institution.

“We officers of the ACC are calling for the immediate removal of Ms Wandi, the DG. She has completely failed to run the institution and to look after the welfare of the employees of the institution,

‘’Apart from harassing officers as you highlighted in your last Tuesday publication, the madam has not paid any attention to the welfare of officers in terms of fighting for a living wage,” the officers said.

They said that it was only in the ACC where officers had not benefited in any way from the new PF government.

They said that sometime last year, people from various sectors received favourable increments (more money in pockets) but officers at the ACC were not considered until  someone at the Ministry of Finance indicated that they should also be awarded the increment. “For the ACC there was nothing until someone at finance or cabinet felt pity and said even if these people have not come forth to negotiate, let’s give them a 3.8 percent pay rise. With the abolition of retention allowance which was 20 per cent the true picture was that workers still had a reduction of about 16 per cent in their income,” the officials said. They complained that ACC officers wanted to take the matter to the Industrial Relations Court but that Ms. Wandi played on the minds of the workers by assuring them that she would correct the mistakes.

“10 months down the line nothing has been done apart from receiving memos from her saying thank you for your patience, thank you for your patience, this is ridiculous. Do we eat patience, does patience pay our rentals and transport costs? “It is only at ACC where workers are not given transport allowance. Now she has come forward and said any changes will only be effected after September and she does not want to tell the people what these changes are,” said the officials.

The officials also accused Ms. Wandi of being compromised to the level were the fight against corruption at the institution was doubtful.

“To cut a long story short, we are very annoyed and calling on the president to remove this woman who has outlived her usefulness. We are capable of frustrating government efforts both in court and in the field.”

And Mr. Syakalima has urged Ms. Wandi to clearly state how she could have cleared Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba without calling him for interrogations.

He said that Ms. Wandi was a shameless liar whose effort to clear accused corrupt political characters such as Mr. Kabimba had destroyed ACC to the levels where the institution had become corrupt.

Mr. Syakalima said that there was no two ways out of the corruption allegations against Mr. Kabimba until she explained what offence Mr. Kabimba was being investigated for.

“Show the people of Zambia evidence that Kabimba is not involved. Mind you Kabimba told the nation that Dalbit wanted to bribe him and today you are saying that there were no elements of corruption.,” he said. He said that Kabimba had promised that the next time he went back  to ACC offices the number of cadres to escort him would double.

“Let Wandi tell the people at what level did they clear Kabimba of corruption allegations. When did they call him for interrogations and what offence were they investigating Kabimba ? They should not think that Zambians are easily fooled,” he said.

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  1. Thieves protecting thieves.

    Once the F.O.I is enabled these thieves will shake in their boots knowing everyone can request information in any department.
    This is why PF are delaying the introduction way past the 90 day mark.

    Sata is someone who’s words shall never be listened to as honest.

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