Chirwa suspension will slow rail rehabilitation

An MMD sympathizer in Kabwe has described the treatment of Professor Chirwa as a scheme to humiliate and block the professor’s political ambitions to run for republican presidency.

Professor Chirwa has been habouring political ambitions, so it is most likely he might have been tricked into accepting this position to make it easier for him to be president but the PF have done ‘Donchi Kubeba’ on him,” Conrad mumba said.

But Kabimba has dismissed the allegation and said he did not know what was happening in Zambia Railways.

“I don’t know what you are talking about and I don’t even know about what is happening in Zambia Railways,” said Kabimba before he cut the line.

One worker said there was a track rehabilitation exercise where a number of contractors were chosen but that was likely to be frustrated.

The removal of Professor Clive Chirwa from the helm of Zambia Railways has no impact on the workers, says Railway workers’ union of Zambia (RWUZ) general secretary Elias Mwila.

Mr Mwila said he was only hopeful that government would find a solution to the problems facing the company.

And an MMD die hard youth says the appointment and subsequent suspension of Professor Chirwa was a political ploy by the PF to thwart his political ambitions

But PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba has dispelled the rumour of the ploy and said he did not know anything about what was going on in Zambia Railways.

Mr Elias Mwila said as a union they were only interested in the welfare of the workers and that the suspension of one man from the company could not cripple the whole railway company.

“The problem of the CEO is a problem between himself and the appointing authority, we are hopeful government will soon find a lasting solution,” said Mwila.

A check by the Daily Nation at Shitima House and Zambia Railways top office in Buntungwa Street found workers working normally although some of them felt the suspension of Professor Chirwa would disturb the infrastructure development exercise.