Give Fr. Luonde a job

Opposition UPND has asked President Michael Sata to consider giving Anglican Church Priest Fr. Richard Luonde a job in order to keep him busy so that he can stop insulting the UPND leadership.

UPND vice president for Administration Richard Kapita said that the UPND was surprised and shocked that Fr. Luonde had continued insulting the party and its leadership without any cause.

Mr. Kapita said that it had become a trend that all those that had insulted Mr. Hichilema and the UPND were all rewarded with jobs, therefore it was only prudent for the PF government to spare UPND from the continued insults by giving Mr. Luonde a job in order to keep him busy as they did with Fr. Bwalya.

“Give him a job so that he can spare us from these continued insults. You only need to insult HH for you to get a job in the PF. The only qualification you need to have is to insult our president, you discredit him and you will get a job in the PF led government,” he said.

He said that there were boards that did not have members such as Zamtel, “Please Mr. Sata appoint this gentleman as chairman for the Zesco board, no not Zesco, there is Fr. Bwalya thereĀ  Just make Mr. Luonde ZamtelĀ  chairmen for him to stop insulting us.”

Mr. Kapita also said that it was sad that the PF leadership had invested into petty tribal politics at the expense of feasible national development.

He said that it was a dull way of doing things by those in leadership, adding that running a country needed a skill and understanding an attribute which was lacking in the PF administration.

Fr. Luonde has accused the UPND of running a tribal political party and that its leader would not win any election to form government.

2 thoughts on “Give Fr. Luonde a job

  1. Let luonde concentrate on homosexuality in his church anglican and leave HH alone. Or better still quit the pulpit and compete with HH if you are worth any salt. Man facking man, in a colar? Abomination.

  2. This priest is very dangerous.Keep him marked for…..when next government takes over. This will be called “POLITICAL DUTY”

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