PF politicians after Eurobond funds

A political analyst says

Board members being appointed to organizations by the PF leadership are mere proxies and decoys to be used by their masters in corridors of powers, says political analyst Nason Msoni

Mr Msoni said some politicians were currently busy pulling strings from a distance to manipulate and benefit from the Eurobond funds.

He said the in-fighting and counter-accusations of corruption in recipient organizations were all about the Eurobond funds and these fights were  likely to get more ugly and nasty in the coming weeks and months.

He said the Eurobond funds will have casualties because there was no clear agenda for which the funds were borrowed and as a result politicians want to share the money.

Mr Msoni observed that the effects of the money would be felt as there was no proper monitoring  mechanisms on how the monies were to be used.

“The truth is that government borrowed these funds without a clear development agenda and purpose. Initially it was reported that the funds were to be utilized to upgrade the out-laying mushrooming compounds that have surrounded the city.

“Surprisingly no one has spoken about it lately, it appears this suggestion is dead and forgotten. It would have made sense to invest some of these funds in our aging water reticulation systems to help improve supply of the commodity,” he said.

Mr Msoni said it made no sense for the capital city to lack water and yet a source of water was just a few kilometers away.

He said government should have considered creating a management centre to manage and monitor the Euro-bond funds on behalf of the recipients so that disbursement and assessment as well as evaluation of tenders was done transparently.