Sata should have also suspended Kabimba

The commitment and speed shown by President Michael Sata to suspend Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) CEO Clive Chirwa should also be extended to Cabinet ministers facing allegations of corruption, says Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director Donald Chipenzi has said.

Mr Chipenzi said that if President Sata could also have allowed investigations of the Ministers alleged to have been involved in corruption activities, many Zambians could have taken his government seriously.

Mr Chipenzi claimed that Zambians now doubted the President’s commitment to the fight against corruption to appreciate his efforts, because the fight was selective.

He said as much as President Michael Sata’s decision to allow the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) investigate the suspended Zambia Railways Limited Chief Executive Officer, Professor Chirwa and the dissolved Board of Directors on alleged corrupt activities at the Company, it was also imperative that this should also be extended to his cabinet Ministers so that the citizens speculations were removed from the people’s minds.

Mr Chipenzi said instead, the President offered a deaf ear on people’s calls on him to have the Ministers involved in corruption allegations suspended or sent on forced leave to facilitate smooth investigations by the ACC.

“People expected the same swiftness exhibited by the President on the ZRL on his Ministers as opposed to protecting them,” he said.

And FODEP has urged the President to be cautious in some of his appointments by ensuring that only genuine individuals willing to offer their services to the country at a minimal cost were accorded the opportunity to manage national affairs and its meager resources.