UPND robbed of the Kapiri seat

UPND on the Copperbelt claims they won the Kapiri Mposhi parliamentary seat, despite the PF being declared a winner.

Party coordinator in the province Phineas Chilanda said in an interview that they were not moved by the results indicating that the PF candidate had won because they were buying votes.

He said the just ended by elections were not free and fair because of the reported breaches of the  electoral code of conduct.

Mr Chilanda accused the PF government of being desperate because they were panicking on how they would get both Lukulu and Kapiri Mposhi seats.

He said the rampant vote buying by the suspected PF cadres; especially in Kapiri Mposhi was a source of worry, hence not a surprise to have them declared a winner. “We won even Kapiri Mposhi seat, and we are convinced of that, but because of the PF who are panicking, they have resorted to vote buying in exchange for materials which is not a good idea, because they are wasting national resources,” he said.

Mr Chilanda said he was shocked that suspected PF cadres were found with colossal sums of money that could have been used to address various challenges facing the country.

“We managed to catch a man who was found with about K13 million cash which he was distributing to voters so that they could vote for a particular candidate, and if he was UPND as they claim, do you think we could have handed him to the police and where can we find such kind of money,” he asked.

Mr Chilanda said the reported widespread violations of the electoral code of conduct by the ruling PF was disappointing because they were wasting public resources.

He claimed that the same people who condemned the former government were in the forefront doing the same things.

“To be honest, the PF was PF when they were in the opposition, as for now they are totally useless because of the rampant corruption in the government departments, and we will never be shaken by their moves,” he said.

And Mr Chilanda had cautioned the clergymen condemning Mr Hichilema that he was tribal to stop that because they had failed to show justice on various issues, especially where corruption was concerned.

He said it was disgraceful and ungodly that some church leaders have joined in politics of character assassination whose intention was to destroy the nation.However, people from Lukulu have expressed happiness that people had exercised  their rights by voting for their preferred candidate despite being enticed with material rewards and promises.

In a telephone interview, Vincent Mwaka a resident said the people of Lukulu maintained their integrity on behalf of Barotseland and had taught the PF government and Mr Sata a lesson they would never forget.

Mr Mwaka said Lukulu was characterised by breaching of the electoral code of conduct, but despite that the people had already lost hope in the ruling government because they had continued to promise people development that was not actionable. “We cannot vote for the PF government because we are the same people Mr Sata and his government had intended to kill by sending his troops in Lukulu. And we were not moved by the materials and monies they were distributing to voters, when they bring the materials we eat with them, but when it comes to voting, we have every right to choose our preferred candidate. We hope this will remain a lesson to all those who are just wasting national resources,” he said.

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