By elections, stupid, reckless – Fr Bwalya

The government is being reckless and irresponsible by holding stupid by-elections which are  gobbling vast  sums of money that can be used to alleviate the many problems the country is facing, Father Frank Bwalya has said.

Speaking in a  Muvi television last  night Fr, Bwalya criticised President Sata for complaining about the brown lawns at State House while people were facing more serious problems.

The President, whom he described as his hero was, insensitive and did not listen to counsel that was intended to improved governance such as judicial reforms which had stagnated by the engagement of”old people”

Fr Bwalya has since produced a white card for the PF government noting that a lot of things have gone wrong and he did not wish to keep quiet any more but come out and speak openly as a prophet and priest that he was .

Fr Bwalya who was being interviewed by Costa Mwansa rubbished government claims of introducing judicial reforms

“There are no judicial reforms in this country. How can you get an old person and put them in an institution where reforms are to be undertaken,” he asked

Fr Bwalya who was referring to the appointment of acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda who retired and was brought back said that the judiciary needed young people who would champion the cause of reforms.

He also condemned the high  handedness of government in arresting opposition leaders for conducting  innocent political activities

“How can you arrest Pastor Nevers Mumba because he went to visit a chief in a village. That is an abuse of power,” he said

He warned the Patriotic Front to continue with programmes and activities that would endear them to the people rather than undermine popularity by making bad decisions that reflected against the pronounced promises made during the election campaigns.

He condemned Zambians for whining and moaning for maize being smuggled into

D R Congo.

“This is an opportunity to export maize and earn foreign exchange. It is an opportunity that government could use productively instead of allowing maize to get rotten in the country.” he said

Fr Bwalya explained that he had resigned from Zesco where he was serving as chairman in order to be free to criticise without being misunderstood.

“While serving as chairman I could not criticize freely and if I spoke well of the  government it was taken as my expression of gratitude to the government for the position that I was given,” he said

He   has  also  undertaken to sue the Daily Nation for alleging that he was one the delegates to the constitutional connvetion sponsored by the PF in order to derail the creation of a legal framework and roadmap that would guarantee the enactment of a people driven constitution.

“I only raised the point of order on a matter of procedure and yet the paper singled me out as one of the candidates sponsored to derail the constitution. I feel very hurt and I intend to sue the paper,” He said

Speaking on corruption Fr Bwalya said President Sata should  listen to himself as he spoke on the matters because  he sounded contradictory  and thereby defeated the perception that government was really interested in fighting corruption.

The remarks   the president said about him wanting to be informed about investigations of his ministers was a misplaced statement “which I hope was a slip of the tongue”