Government corruption exposed

The Government and a number of large Parastatal organizations are practicing open corruption and discrimination by favoring companies owned by relatives and members of the Patriotic Front.

A consortium of contractors in building and road construction now intend to petition Government through courts of law to seek a declaration that all citizens regardless of party affiliation are entitled to equal consideration in the award of Government/Parastatal contracts.

Coordinating the campaign Mr. Steven Bwembya a contractor, said that there was open discrimination and rampant nepotism in the award of contracts in Government, Zamtel, Road Development Agency and Zesco.

“Many of these institutions have now employed PF cadres who are vetting any applications by companies that are considered to be in opposition. They are also supporting relatives and friend who in many cases do not have appropriate equipment for the contracts that are awarded.” He said.

“We are now planning to develop a list of projects that have been fraudulently awarded to seek a determination in court or through the investigator general to make it very clear that all Zambians deserve to be considered for as long as they have the capacity.” He said.