Land graft, a tip of PF corruption

The suspension of some senior Patriotic Front (PF) officials over countrywide land corruption should not shock anyone, says MMD Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Watson Mtonga.

Mr Mtonga told the Daily Nation that the suspension of the officials was not shocking or surprising because the PF government was full of corrupt individuals.

He said that the only shocking thing was the position  taken by the Catholic Church, the civil society organizations, Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) which have kept quiet about corruption in the PF government.

“The people of Zambia have a huge task to ensure that the PF government becomes prudent in the manner it is managing our resources. They should not depend on organizations such as TIZ, the Catholic Church, ACC and other non-governmental organizations who have to betrayed the people of Zambia by pretending that all was well in the government,” he said.

Mr. Mtonga said that the revelations that some named PF officials corruptly acquired land were sign of how corrupt the government had become.

“These are the people that called us corrupt, they called us thieves. But we told the people of Zambia that our government was not corrupt. It is a challenge to the people of Zambia to pay attention and see what was seriously happening in the PF.

“Politics of appeasement will not help this country and I should tell the PF friends that as a Zambian I am not happy to see these things happening in the PF. It is too soon for them to start accusing each other of corruption,” he said.