We are not for racial debate -UPND

Opposition UPND will not be dragged into racial debates involving Vice president Dr. Guy Scott, says Douglas Syakalima, advisor to UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Commenting on Mr Hichilema’s description of Dr Scott’s as ‘a stupid white man’, Mr. Syakalima said that people with a hidden agenda have again gathered to mislead the people of Zambia.

He said that some individuals whom he described as people with shallow minds, pride themselves in promoting unZambian cultures such as tribalism and racism.

“What is so racist about the description Mr. Hichilema made about Vice president Guy Scott? How do you describe a person who conducts himself in a manner Dr. Scott did? Is it the first time the people of Zambia even those that want to make it an issue are hearing someone referring to Dr. Scott as mzungu? Does calling someone mzungu means one is a racist?” asked Mr. Syakalima.

Mr. Syakalima a former UPND Siavonga parliamentarian said that those that wanted to debate the matter now were being shallow and unreasonable because even President Michael Sata had at various for a including parliament referred to  Dr. Scott as Mzungu.

On Wednesday Mr. Hichilema said that, “Nikalibe kuonapo muzungu monga uyu wopusa who breaches the electoral code of conduct at will.”

Mr. Hichilema said that Dr Scott had breached the electoral code of conduct so many times starting with Kapiri Mposhi where he held public rallies during the nominations.

Last Sunday, Dr Scott was seen campaigning and distributing relief maize in Lukulu going against the Electoral Commission of Zambia electoral code of conduct which states that no one should campaign 48 hours before the election.