Masebo killing tourism

Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo is causing more harm to the tourism sector because of her illegal involvement in the affairs of the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), says Travel and Tourism management Consultant Phineas Chilanda.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Chilanda said Ms Masebo’s utterances on ZAWA were totally misplaced because the board had been affected due to shortage of staff.

Mr Chilanda claimed that ZAWA was crippled because of Ms Masebo’s attitude and advised her not to only concentrate on the UNWTO general assembly but to find solutions to ZAWA problems.

He reiterated that ZAWA was lacking manpower in the game management, and therefore they was rampant poaching.

He disclosed that poachers were engaged in illegal killing of wild animals because they knew ZAWA was now toothless.

“What do you expect, when they know that people who are in forefront are not functioning, we hear reports of rampant killing of animals in the parks by poachers? They know that ZAWA is crippled because of lack of manpower and they cannot afford to guard the national parks,.

“And these are some of the things Ms Masebo is expected to address, but instead she has concentrated much on UNWTO, we are urging her to go back to the drawing back,” he said.

She said Ms Masebo must handle the issues of ZAWA because she was the one who suspended the officials.

He said the tourism sector was one of the sectors that could contribute to the economic growth of the country if harnessed well.

“We have many parks in this country that are our tourist attraction and if we have people who have no agenda, who just want to do things on their own without realising that in future Zambia can be left without any tourist attraction, that is very unfortunate,” he said.