ACC shielding Kabimba-UPND

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is an accomplice in the Wynter Kabimba corruption allegation as it is shielding him from prosecution, says UPND deputy secretary general Kuchunga Simusamba.
Mr. Simusamba however said that it was unfortunate that ACC had become an accomplice in the corruption allegation against Mr. Kabimba who it  has dubiously cleared.
He was responding to the ACC deputy director general Irene Lamba’s letter to the UPND over the corruption allegations leveled against Mr. Kabimba and the failure by the commission to exercise honest, integrity, competency and professionalism in the manner it handled the graft matter.
“Reference is made to your letter dated 23rd April 2013, but received on 29th April 2013 under minute number ACC/CR/396/12. There is no doubt in my mind that the matters I raised in my earlier communication were of national importance and deserved a satisfactory response from your office.
“It is public knowledge that Mr. Wynter Kabimba is not an ordinary member of society. He is minister of justice and Secretary General of the governing, Patriotic Front (PF).It is therefore important that a man holding public trust such as him is seen not to be shielded from prosecution for corruption by the ACC,” said Mr. Simusamba.
He said that it was sad and regrettable that ACC had taken the matter of corruption involving Mr. Kabimba without the seriousness it deserves.
“I have noted that your response is written in very general term and avoids specifics. This only helps to cement the view that the Anti-Corruption Commission is trying to be an accomplice in this matter.”
Mr. Simusamba felt that the ACC in its explanation on how Mr. Kabimba was cleared failed to clarify the following issues, “At what point during your investigation was Mr. Kabimba interviewed by your office?
“ Did Mr. Sata’s declaration that his ministers were not to be investigated without his knowledge and approval have any influence in your arriving at the decision you made? Was the oil supply contract awarded to Trafigura and Mr. Kabimba’s company Midlands Oil part of your investigations?”
He further wanted ACC to explain to the people of Zambia why the contract was awarded to Trafigura which was not the most competitive among the 22 oil marketing companies that put in their  bids to supply oil to Zambia.
Mr. Simusamba also said that it was shocking that the ACC found it normal that soon after Mr. Kabimba served as chairman for the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) commission of inquiry which found MMD government losing over K2 trillion in oil deals Kabimba established an oil company.
“Why did your investigations find as normal, the establishment of an oil company by Mr. Kabimba (Midlands Oil)  soon after serving as chairman of the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) commission of inquiry? Mr. Kabimba is on record as having said that during the MMD regime Zambian motorist were paying too much for petroleum products because of corrupt elements.
“The assumption was that after dealing with the corrupt MMD elements, the prices of petroleum would significantly go down. We are still paying high prices for petroleum products. Can your investigations tell us who the corrupt elements causing these high prices are?” he wondered.
He lastly said that, “ I would like to inform you that Mr. Kabimba found time in his busy schedule to respond to my letter of 18th March 2013 which was neither addressed nor copied to him. His response carried tones of insults but did not address any issues I had raised. This act alone suggests that Mr. Kabimba is afraid, guilty and desperately trying to conceal something.”
In a letter to UPND, Ms. Lamba contended that the commission had cleared Mr. Kabimba of corruption and that the matter had since been closed without giving details of what they were investigating Mr. Kabimba of.   Meanwhile the African Parliamentarian Network Against Corruption (APNAC) Zambia chapter has urged the ACC not to take the matter political as it bordered on the governance of the nation whose interest was the citizens.APNAC Zambia Chapter president Cornelius Mweetwa observed that ACC should not forget that it was them who informed the people of Zambia that they were investigating Mr. Kabimba for corruption and wondered why the same commission mysteriously, quietly and corruptly wanted to clear him of the allegation without giving out specifics.Mr. Mweetwa said that it was unfortunate that the ACC had allowed itself to be found in such a compromised position where the people of Zambia could not believe their findings because they wanted to protect certain individuals from prosecution.

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  1. We don’t ve anti-corruption commission but a corruption commission! Kabimba at least shud be facing one charge-failure to report corruption

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