Corrupt people have surrounded Sata

President Michael Sata should quickly move out of the cobweb of corrupt people surrounding him, says Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) Regional Oversee Bishop Peter Ndhlovu.
Bishop Ndhlovu claimed that Mr Sata was seriously betraying his conscience and the people of Zambia who elected him to govern the nation because of allowing corrupt people to run the affairs of the nation.
In an interview, Bishop Ndhlovu said that the observations by Fr. Frank Bwalya about poor governance record of President Sata was as a result of being surrounded by people who seriously and critically misled him, adding that the sooner he realizes the better for the country and himself.
He agreed with Fr. Bwalya’s observations that the PF government had stopped listening to the cries of the people.
Bishop Ndhlovu said that President Sata did not listen and the sooner he realizes that he was surrounded by wrong and questionable corrupt people the better for himself and the country.
He said that President Sata must now realize that Fr. Bwalya’s decision to come out in the open in the manner he did was aimed at making him understand the importance of listening to the cries of the people who voted for him.
There was too much corruption in the PF government which its leadership should seriously address, starting with corrupt ministers and the way the government wanted to manage the Road Development Agency (RDA) as a State House agency.
“As a Church we have pointed out so many issues that we feel are not going on well in order to benefit the nation. But they have perceived us as an enemy, which is not supposed to be the case. It is however good that somebody inside the PF has come out in the open on their failures,” said Bishop Ndhlovu.
Bishop Ndhlovu observed that failure by President Sata to heed what Fr. Bwalya highlighted would land him into serious trouble compared to what other former heads of states went through.
Bishop Ndhlovu said that the observations by Fr. Bwalya who supported the PF and President Sata that the ruling party was creating what he called stupid, useless and costly by-elections was not only being selfish but failure to govern the nation.
“That is the sign of a failing government. If I were the President I would sit down and look at the issues Fr. Bwalya raised especially concerning people surrounding him. He has found himself in a corrupt cobweb were it is now difficult for him to move out.
“We have spoken about the need for President Sata to look into issues the people of Zambia have raised against his friend Mutembo Nchito, people have raised issues about the way the Anti-Corruption Commission was operating. The sooner he wakes up the better for the people of Zambia and above all, his presidency,’ said Bishop Ndhlovu.
Bishop Ndhlovu said that Zambians were angry with President Sata’s behavior of getting concerned about the grass which was turning brown at State House when people were dying of hunger, no oxygen in the hospitals, poor infrastructure development and other social economic issues.
Fr Bwalya said the President was complaining about drying grass when there was no oxygen in the University Teaching Hospital, people had no mealie meal and was lumping money in by-elections.
“What about the stupid by-elections? The president is concerned about drying grass at State House when in ordinary people’s homes it is mealie meal that dries up, there is no oxygen at UTH,” he said.
Fr Bwalya warned the PF government not to delight in the arrests of opposition leaders.
“Ba PF muchenjele, abantu nabacha (PF be careful people are now sharp), do not forget that the people you arrest have relatives and that is why people are telling me kuli Banda walelanda (in RB’s time you were talking). What about Sata?” he said.
He said President Sata had done nothing on judicial reforms.
“On judicial reforms there is nothing Mr. Sata has done, do not even ask me about it,” Fr Bwalya said.