Lozis riot over Sinyinda arrest

People in Mongu run amok yesterday after former Ngambela Clement Sinyinda was arrested and interrogated by police.
Mr Sinyinda was interrogated and later released after warn and caution statement at Mongu Police station.
Earlier in the morning, police officers surrounded Mr Sinyinda’s house in Mongu at 05: 00 hours while some officers went in to search for documents.
However, the people of Mongu were shocked with the arrest of Mr Sinyinda and warned that they would have no option but protect what belonged to them
In an interview with the Daily Nation, Charles Nyambe a senior citizen said it was shocking that Mr Sinyinda was personally persecuted on things which were straight forward.
Mr Nyambe maintained that the Lozi people would not allow Mr Sinyinda to be harassed for no apparent reason when whatever he did, it was for the people of Barotseland in his capacity as the BRE Ngambela.
He said that the manner in which the BRE was trying to handle the matter left much to be desired, and called on the international community to intervene before lives were lost again.
And the Barotse Imilema group of activists has warned the Barotse Royal Establishment of failing to protect the people.
Group leader Malamo Malamo demanded for the establishment to come out and tell the people openly what their stance on the matter was because Mr Sinyinda was acting under instructions from the Litunga.
“This is a timely warning to BRE and if they will not come out and tell the people what is going on we will not have any option but this time we are ready to act, enough is enough.
“How can they turn away from Mr Sinyinda when they know what the issue was all about. We are watching them and we have cautioned them,” he said.
But when contacted for a comment, the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) representative Induna Inete told the Daily Nation that the they were not aware about Mr Sinyinda’s arrest.
Mr Sinyinda was reported to have been arrested in connection with calls for Barotse’s secession from the rest of Zambia.
And Western Province Police Commissioner Fanwell Siandenge could not be reached for a comment as he was reported to be locked up in a meeting.
There confusion in Mongu at the weekend when word went round that Mr Sinyinda had been invited to attend an inaugural service of the New Apostolic Church on Sunday.
After the reports police reportedly swung into action and surrounded the church building demanding to know why  Mr Sinyinda has been invited to the event.