Namugala should advise PF to hold a convention

Expelled MMD Mafinga Member of Parliament (MP) Catherine Namugala  should advise the Patriotic Front (PF) on the importance of holding a convention to elect leaders because the ruling party has never held one, say MMD Copperbelt women chairperson Edith Mataka and Northern Province Chairman Steven Mukuka
In separate interviews the two leaders said that Ms Namugala should counsel the PF to hold a convention of holding a convention, instead of talking nonsense about the MMD which was the mother of democracy in the country.
The two MMD provincial leaders were reacting to Ms Namugala’s statement in some section of the media that MMD members had met the required number to compel the National Executive Committee (NEC) to call for an extra-ordinary convention.
Ms Mataka said the MMD would not hold any convention because it had already held one where it elected Nevers Mumba as party president and so Ms Namugala’s statement was utter hogwash.
She said Ms Namugala was not even a member of the MMD following her expulsion because of gross indiscipline and so she was better counseling the PF about the importance of holding a convention.
“To start with, Ms Namugala is not our member because she was expelled for gross indiscipline and so she should not be talking rubbish about the MMD because the former ruling party held a convention and elected Nevers Mumba as its party president,
“Even the people who are paying them to destabilize the MMD know them that they are not trustworthy, but they are just using them. In politics, you have to be careful because you may be used and dumped just like that,” She said
And Northern Province chairman Steven Mukuka said the MMD in the area was intact and no one was interested in joining PF because it had failed to deliver on its promises and so party members should ignore useless statements from Ms Namugala.
“That woman, Ms Namugala is a dangerous woman and once she hates you, she will hate you up to the grave. She just hates our party President Dr Mumba and this is why she is uttering rubbish,” Mr Mukuka said.