Arrest sparks tension

The arrest of Ngambela Sinyinda has brought tension and animosity in the western province.
United Party for National Development (UPND) in the Province has condemned the arrest of Ngambela Wainyae Sinyinda by the police in Mongu UPND Provincial Chairman Mubita Mubita said.
Mr. Mubita has further condemned the charge which Ngambela Sinyinda has been charged with saying that it is not justifiable.
“I can confirm with you that the arrest of the Ngambela Wainyae Sinyinda has brought tension and animosity in the province,” said Mr. Mubita.
“And you see what has surprised us as the UPND in the province is the charge which has been slapped on the Ngambela.
They have charged him with a treason offence. Can you imagine,” he said.
He said that the UPND in western province is worried about the safety of citizens in Zambia accusing the PF government of intimidating its own citizens.
“As UPND we are worried with the safety of citizens in Zambia because this PF government is now intimidating its people,” Mr. Mubita said.
Mr. Mubita said that the PF government is treating the people of Zambia especially those in Western province unfairly.
And Mr. Mubita has demanded for a justification in fuel price increment which he said was not done with the consent of many Zambians.
“As UPND in the province, we suspect that the increment is meant to raise money for them to use in the by elections which they have continued to create,” he said
He said that the increment in fuel price will negatively impact on poor Zambians.
“What I can say with this fuel increment is that it will impact on the poor Zambians because the price of commodities like mealie meal will go up,” he said.