Guy Scott is a misguided politician – Msoni

The summoning of the Zambian high commission to South Africa was to be expected because the remarks by vice president Dr Guy Scott are offensive and display contempt and disrespect for our neighbour says a political activist Mr Nason Msoni.
Mr Msoni said the statement was reckless and unwarranted and extremely provocative to be ignored as mere rantings of a misguided politician seeking cheap international publicity.
He said it was a shame that it had become a habit and character of this Government to attack innocent personalities and friendly neighbouring countries due to lack of diplomacy.
“Most recently one of the coalition partners of the PF government ruthlessly and mercilessly attacked the Government of South Africa and President Zuma.
“The statement of Guy Scott against the government of South Africa does not in any way represent the views of the gallant people of Zambia against our long time ally, comrades and friends in the Republic of South Africa.
“Our two people’s share a long standing history of struggle against imperialist forces and their allies. No one person should be allowed to destroy what we have built over the years by reckless and unguided statements. All successive Zambian governments have enjoyed a cordial relationship with the South African people,” Msoni said.
He observed that the consequences of mob influence when making political choices and decisions could result in serious devastating ramifications.
He said Zambia today stands nearly isolated in the region and no leader appears interested to come to Zambia.
“This is uncharacteristic and unprecedented state of affairs and a serious indictment, Zambia has always been the regional hub of politics and a centre associated with fundamental international Agreements and major international protocols and peace related Agreements under previous administrations.
“This is what happens to a nation when the enlightened citizens abdicate their rightful role as social drivers of the political agenda and leave this onerous task of driving the national political agenda to the less enlightened citizens,” he said.