PF harbouring looters and plunderers -Fr Bwalya

Fr. Frank Bwalya has accused the PF government of habouring  criminals who are looting the country’s wealth at the expense of addressing high levels of poverty the people are facing.
Fr Bwalya said it was unfortunate that President Michael Sata had gone back to the things that he condemned under the MMD regime where ministers spend huge sums of money on buying expensive cars when the people were still struggling to attain quality education and healthcare services.
He said President Sata was not a Messiah as he claimed to be as he had failed to deliver the people of Zambia from poverty with his failed quiet diplomacy over the poor leadership style.
Appearing on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk program Fr. Bwalya said that President Sata was not listening to the cries of the people and had disappointed so many people including those that highly campaigned for him.
“I am saying this to president Hakainde Hichilema, I am saying this to president Nawakwi, Nevers Mumba, Elias Chipimo that if the people of Zambia give you this mandate please go there (leadership) and break this evil. Let the people Bakalechita ati when there is a new government abantu bakwata insapato, abantu bakwata ifyakulya and not when there is a new government abantu few people batampa ukukula, this one there this one there. And for me if I became president I will use some of this money to restructure some of these compounds.”
Fr. Bwalya said that it is high time Zambians started waiting for the next Messiah to deliver them to the Promised Land because the current leadership had completely failed to inspire the people.
When asked if he had decided to attack the PF government out of vengeance, Fr. Bwalya said, “yes banchitatubi efyobaba nga babashinina that is my answer to that. When somebody is doing something wrong and you go to confront him they have these excuses, sour grapes, and sour from where? I keep my grapes in the fridge, how can my grapes go sour,” wondered Fr. Bwalya.
He said that those who were challenging him to form a political party were just making empty talk as they were scared people and told by their masters that if this one makes a political party and decides to work with Mr. Hichilema or Dr. Mumba they will remove us from power.
Fr. Bwalya said that those attacking him would never scare him as he was going to announce this intention to officially join politics and that hisfollowers would onwards call him president Fr. Frank Bwalya as he was going to form a political party.
He said that he would wait to hear from people to advise him whether he should support Mr. Hichilema or others as being president was not his preoccupation but to help people out of the wrecked PF government.Fr. Bwalya said that Zambia had a problem where leaders wanted to be president adding that he would introduce different politics and his legacy started yesterday.
He also said that beginning today (yesterday) he was giving the PF government and President Sata a yellow card campaign.
“We are giving the PF government a yellow card because (1) they have failed to keep the price of mealie meal low; (2) the PF government has been practicing selective prosecution. When are we going to allow uchitile umulandu uluchelo bamukaka elyo uchitile umulandu ichungulo no mukaka?
Fr. Bwalya said that he was not in a hurry to be president but wanted to see youth occupy various offices of governance and cited the office of the Supreme Court judges.
“I want when I sit in my house and see that there is a youthful Chief Justice and not ifi ifintu fili pantu ba Sata bena bakote elyo babwesha bonse abakote bekabekafye. Ine balinchinga ukuyamonakofye ba Sata ku State House,” he said.
He said that he would not name the name of the party he wanted to form because some criminals would give some people money to go and register a political party without following the correct procedure.