Barotse activists convicted

All the 17 Barotse activists accused of tearing a draft Constitution have been convicted and sentenced to twelve months imprisonment with hard labour.
Magistrate Exorbit Zulu on Friday handed down sentences to the 17 Barotse activists who were accused of tearing the draft constitution of Zambia in September last year.   The activists were convicted on both counts of malicious damage to property and conduct likely to breach the peace.
Barotse Freedom Movement (BFM) Chairman Nyambe Namushi who confirmed the sentence to the Daily Nation said the victims were sentenced to twelve months imprisonment with hard labour six months of which was suspended for two years. Mr Namushi said among the activists are Mulasikwanda Chazele, Pumulo Silumesi, Mushokabanji Wamuwi, Mathias Limpo Likwenga, Morgan Lubinda, Mutemwa Pumulo, Jeff Mwinga Aongola, Mulonda Ndopu and Inambao Mwanangombe:
Mr Namushi said of the 17, Munyinda Munukayumbwa was the only juvenile in the group and was sentenced to six months probation and would have to report to the Social Welfare Office in Mongu every month.
However, Wakunuma Mulope, Liseli Lungowe and Masheto Sihanda who had remained in custody since September last year were also convicted and sentenced to twelve months imprisonment, but were released because they had completed more than six months in custody.
Muyangwa Mungwaluku, Sinonge Lutangu, Shabby Mbalaka were found guilty on one count of idle and conduct likely to breach of peace.  These were fined K10, 800 (Kr10.80) or one month imprisonment in lieu of the fine.   And Mr Namushi further said only one Robert Kalezhyi who was acquitted on all counts.