Expedite Judicial reforms- Bishop Mambo

A substantive Chief Justice should be appointed immediately to give focus and direction to the judicial reforms that are intended to give credibility to the judiciary, Bishop John Mambo has said.
It was very sad, he said, that the Judiciary was so compromised that judgments could be predicted long before delivery depending on the judge handling a matter.
He added that the current  status subsisting  in the judiciary had eroded the confidence of the Zambians people, “ A new Chief Justice must be appointed to spearhead reforms that are so badly needed.” He said.
Speaking during a press briefing of Alliance for Good Governance yesterday the Bishop decried the fact that the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) was also toothless compounding the issues of governance and integrity.
“The ACC is involved in selective investigations.” He said.
It is time to clean up and eliminate corruption with an effective reform of the Judiciary so that Zambians could have confidence in this very important arm of governance.
He condemned attempts at the resubmission of acting justice Chibesakunda name to parliament “That name was rejected and should not be resubmitted, the Government must submit a new name.” he said.It was important; he said that young professionals were given an opportunity to rise in the Judiciary rather than recycling individuals.Bishop Mambo cautioned journalists not to “to go to sleep” as other institutions including the church and civil society were in various stages of inertia, “They are in the theatre.” He said.