Re-deploy Scott as District Commissioner

President Sata has been told to either deploy Vice President Guy Scott as District Commissioner or drop him from government altogether for his recent rantings against South Africa.
UPND chairman for international relations Mulondwe Muzungu charged that Dr Scott must be deployed as District Commissioner before he caused more damage to the international image of Zambia.
Mr Muzungu has described Mr Scott’s remarks as a ‘wanton attack on a sister state,’ because South Africa was a great nation which under its dynamic leadership was instrumental in the development and growth of the economies of her neighbours including Zambia.
And former Ambassador to Japan Joe Mwale has challenged President Sata to drop Dr Scott because his careless remarks against the government and people of South Africa had the potential of creating serious tension between the two countries.
Mr Muzungu said:“We call on President Sata to redeploy this man as District Commissioner in one of the new districts before he causes more damage to the international image of Zambia, ”he said.
Mr Muzungu said what would be helpful was for    President Sata to dispatch a special envoy to President Zuma with an unreserved apology as reparation for the mischief of Dr Scott.
“The PF government must ensure that it does not continue antagonising our neighbours with careless talk. Zambia cherishes  peace and would love to see peace maintained,” he said.
Mr Mwale challenged President Sata to drop Dr Scott who also boasted recently that “the PF government was not in short of credible people as it had individuals like Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda and Health Minister Joseph Kasonde and perhaps many other level headed politicians”.
Mr Mwale explained that Dr Scott’s reckless remarks also carried serious racial overtones as they were targeted at black South Africans.
“Was the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who referred to Scott as a ‘stupid white man’ far from the truth? The honourous thing President Sata can do right now is to quickly drop Mr Scott as his vice president,” he said.
He said the South African government had indicated that they would use all available diplomatic channels to express their displeasure, and said such must be left to the Zambian people in general to judge who was the  more advanced of the two countries.

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  1. Guy Scott is more smarter than you critics who merely blow things out of proportion anyhow…let him be.he is the best in his cabinet…

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