Masebo should relocate to Livingstone

Minister of Tourism Sylvia Masebo and her directors should relocate to Livingstone and occupy the former provincial administration block so that they can closely monitor the progress on the UNWTO conference preparations, says UPND Livingstone District Spokesperson Neto Halwabala
Mr Halwabala said Ms. Masebo and her officers should be stationed in Livingstone as the move will not only reduce on the costs but will also ensure close monitoring of the preparations.
Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Halwabala said that the former provincial administration block had become a white elephant adding that it would be ideal if the Ministry of Tourism can relocate to Livingstone and occupy the building.
“Infact there are so many buildings which are under threat with the relocation to the new capital Choma exercise, we have buildings like the provincial health offices, provincial education offices, judiciary and many other structures. All these should be rented out to people,” he noted.
”To us as UPND we feel these are some of the measures they should have considered before relocating in order to fill the void,” Mr. Halwabala said.
He said that it was very important for the ministry to get to work because there was very little time before the city hosted the UNWTO general assembly.
The UPND spokesperson was quick to note that Livingstone had the industrial potential to create jobs if properly utilized.
Mr. Halwabala has also urged the PF to look beyond the UNWTO because it was an event which will only last for seven days.
“You see PF should look beyond the UNWTO general assembly since this is an event which will just take place for a week. After that what happens? What we don’t want is Livingstone to be a white elephant after the UNWTO,” he said.