RB never held Press conference in SA

It is not true that former President Rupiah Banda held a press conference in South Africa as alleged by government, says civil rights activist Brebner Changala.
Mr Changala said claims by vice President Guy Scott that the former head of state held a conference discrediting the current government not true.
He said it was a blatant lie because there was no proof that Mr Banda addressed a Press conference in the foreign country.
He has since challenged Dr Scott to name the venue, time and city where the alleged conference took place.
“Dr Scott forms part of the PF conspiracy to embarrass and humiliate the former President by engaging in falsehood without any aota of shame.
“I have spoken to RB and he doesn’t remember holding such a meeting in South Africa or indeed anywhere apart from Nairobi where he was heading the Carter Foundation on the successful Kenyan election.
“It is high time Guy Scoot and his fellow old men started living and governing by the truth and reality than day dreaming,” Changala said.
The civil rights activist charged that Dr Scott seemed not to be a well coordinated vice president just like his government.
“When he has nothing to say it is better to keep quiet and stop embarrassing the country and we know their fear is that Rupiah Banda might stand in the next election.
“We are very much aware that they have this unfounded illusion that RB will one day get back to active politics and hence their desire to destroy him because they have failed to fulfil their campaign promises,” he said.