Apologise to Henry Banda

International lawyer Robert Amsterdam has demanded that President Sata and his team should apologise to Henry Banda the son of former President Rupiah Banda for all the misleading statements against his client.
Mr Amsterdam said that the recent decision by Interpol to halt the case against Henry Banda was an indication of the politically motivated and groundless defamation campaign against Mr Banda and his family by the PF government.
He said according to a letter from Interpol delivered to counsel representing Mr. Banda dated 22 April 2013, an investigation into the case notes had “raised strong doubts concerning compliance with Interpol rules.”
“We are very pleased to announce this development, and to know that Henry Banda is finally free from this manipulative, politically motivated abuse of the Interpol system by an irresponsible government,” said Amsterdam.
“We demand that President Michael Sata, Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba, and Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito issue a public apology to Henry Banda for all their misleading statements,” he said.
Over the course of more than 16 months, the Zambian authorities neglected to provide any description of the allegations, present any evidence, and never requested extradition from South Africa.
And Mr. Amsterdam said the Zambian government was sent two separate letters in February 2012 and March 2012 requesting more details and offering full cooperation by Mr. Banda to answer any questions it may have had but these communications went unanswered.
“The Patriotic Front government’s failure to respond to any request for information, including numerous opportunities from Interpol to formalize their case, speaks louder than words. There was never any intention of bringing a case against Henry Banda for non-existent crimes, but rather only to defame him in the media,” Amsterdam said.
“This development should raise many questions concerning the government’s intentions with regard to current processes being pursued against former President Banda.”
He said on March 15, during a controversial parliamentary hearing to remove former President Banda’s immunity, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba declared that the state had “completed” its investigations into these matters and was “ready” to begin prosecution.