Over 50 districts face starvation

OVER 50 districts will this year face serious a hunger situation following crop failure during this year’s farming season, says opposition UPND vice president for administration Richard Kapita.
Commenting on a team of experts comprising government officials and the United Nations that was touring 44 districts to assess the hunger situation, Mr. Kapita said that Zambians must brace themselves for serious calamities under the Patriotic Front (PF) government.
Mr. Kapita said that it was worrying and saddening that the PF government had decided to spend billions of Kwacha on induced by-elections when the country was faced with serious food shortages.
“We told this government that governance is a critical undertaking and therefore those that seek leadership position must selflessly endeavor to provide wants and needs to its citizenry.
We criticized this regime over its poor agriculture policies but we were abused by the PF,” said Mr., Kapita.
Mr. Kapita said that it was highly immoral for the PF government to increase incentives of deputy ministers in form of fuel allowances when the country was facing serious food shortages which would lead to a critical hunger outbreak.
He said that there was no way Zambians should be subjected to inhuman conditions where food had become an option in the Patriotic Front (PF) government.
Mr. Kapita has since challenged the people of Zambia, the entire Civil Society Organization, and the Church as well as opposition political parties to denounce the immoral and corrupt by-elections the PF government was inducing.
“Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that we allow the PF unchallenged to continue holding these by-elections. We need to come up with a law that supports a particular action. We need to push our MPs to make laws that will stop this nonsense the PF government is creating,” said Mr. Kapita.
And Mr. Kapita has warned the PF government that his party and other interested stakeholders would soon hold a nationwide protest against induced by-elections, looming hunger situation, failure to respect the rule of law and other issues of governance.
Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President, Davis Mwango has confirmed that government has dispatched a team of experts comprising mainly government officials, United Nations (UN) and NGOs to the 44 districts were hunger is looming to assess the situation.
Mr. Mwango said that the experts were expected to come up with a concrete report before the end of June to which areas would need relief food.
He said that the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) was also aware of the looming hunger situation in about 44 districts.