PF corruption angers Fr Bwalya

Father Frank Bwalya says he is ‘mad’ at the high levels of corruption in the Patriotic Front (PF) government being practiced and perpetuated by ministers and deputy ministers busy cutting deals to enrich themselves.
And Fr. Bwalya has also revealed that workers at State House were working under difficult conditions and constant threat of losing their jobs.
Appearing on Five Fm radio’s special ‘burning issues’ programme yesterday Fr. Bwalya said that he was mad over the corruption in the PF government where ministers, deputy ministers and others had formed cartels to enrich themselves.
“Yes I am mad, I am very mad about the corruption in the PF government. I am mad about the President’s failure to inspire the people of Zambia. I am mad that the person I believed was a man of action had let us down. I get mad seeing government cushioning deputy and ministers fuel allowances,” said Fr. Bwalya.
Fr. Bwalya a priest cum politician also said that Zambia should have impeached President Sata for directing Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) now National Prosecution Authority (NPA) chairman Mutembo Nchito to investigate UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s wealth and assets.
He said that it was strange that Mr. Sata had reduced himself to levels where he had become a dictator.
“They say that Isabi ukubola litampila kumutwe. We have to stop Mr. Sata from thinking that he owns Zambia and gives certificates to whoever wants to live in this country. Mr. Sata should have been impeached for instructing DPP to probe the assets of president Hakainde Hichilema because he conducted himself illegally. The directive was illegal,” said Fr. Bwalya.
He said that President Sata should realize that he was not voted into government to watch cartels reap from the wealth of the country.
“PF was put there not to allow ministers to cut deals to supply oil and fertilizer to Zambia. PF was not put to power to make few people rich. PF was not put in power to allow a certain group to undermine the leadership of the country but to deliver the aspirations of the people of Zambia,” said Fr. Bwalya.
Fr. Bwalya observed that from the time the PF formed government there first preoccupation was to start sharing national wealth and its resources, adding that it would be strange for the people of Zambia to expect much from what he described a ‘dictator’.
And Fr. Bwalya said that workers at State House were finding it extremely difficult to carry out their daily duties because of President Sata’s kind of governance where he wanted to take actual state house stocks such as seeing grass watered.
He said that it was shocking how President Sata had shown extreme interests in wanting to see green grass everyday when the people of Zambia were starving and living in abject poverty.
Meanwhile Fr. Bwalya has urged Patriotic Front (PF) members still sitting in the boat to get out quickly because the boat which he referred to as a canoe has reached its destination and has not offered anything interesting and inspiring.
“Takwaba umuntu uwikalilila mubwato. Mubwato tamwaba ifimbusu, mubwato tamwaba umulilo, mubwato tamwaba isukulu, mubwato ta mwaba ubunga, mubwato ta mwaba ubunga. Mealie meal has gone up, prices of fuel are high. Ba Sata na mufilwa you are not the Sata we knew,” said Fr. Bwalya.
He also urged President Sata to choose people to share a platform with rather than sharing platforms with low caliber leaders.

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  1. Well spoken Fr Bwalya and those of us with ears to hear are attentive and support your outspoken stance to the relief of the majority suffering voiceless masses

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