Bemba chiefs take on Sata

Bemba chiefs in Northern Province will today meet to protest against President Michael Sata’s action to degazette Henry Sosala as Senior Chief Mwamba of Kasama.

According to sources within the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE-Bashilubemba) the chiefs will today meet to show solidarity and declare their full support to Senior Chief Mwamba.

The source also said that, “The Bemba Royal Establishment made the resolution yesterday to gather in Kasama on Monday (today) to denounce President Sata’s action to degazette Senior Chief Mwamba whom they regard as the next chief Chitimukulu.”

The source said that the traditional leadership in the region was unhappy with President Sata whom they accused of planning to arrest chief Mwamba. They said they would therefore; publicly denounce Mr Sata and his leadership style using whatever language they saw fit so that he could ask police officers to arrest all of them.

“The Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE-Beshilubemba) have resolved to meet in Kasama today and denounce President Sata and his government for de-gazetting Senior Chief Mwamba and for his intimidating tactics of sending police officers to arrest Senior Chief Mwamba if he continues to use his title,” said the official of the Bashilubemba.

The officials said that nothing would stop them from meeting and informing the people (abena Lubemba) about President Sata’s action which they have described as bad leadership.

The officials also wanted to declare Northern Province and Kasama a no go area for President Sata and the PF government.

“Actually what is happening now is that the whole traditional leadership from Northern Province who attended that meeting are now viewing the PF government as their enemy and they will not allow it to control and disrespect the traditional leadership in the region,” said the official.

The source also said that the chiefs wanted to take the same opportunity to announce their support for Senior Chief Mwamba as the next Chitimukulu and not any other politically inclined chiefs from Bisa land.

“Bakateka Ba Sata batupatulula, twalapatana nabantu balefwaya ukuti babe abalwani besu pamulandu wabuChitimukulu.  President Sata wants to separate us from other tribes in the region, they view us as their enemies,” said the source from the Bashilubemba.

Last week President Sata accused Mr. Sosala of masquerading as Senior Chief Mwamba and later degazetted him and instructed government not to pay subsistence allowance to him as he was no longer recognized.