Confidence in Zambia’s judiciary waning- Zambian voice

The Supreme Court judgment on Judge Lovemore Chikopa tribunal has seriously eroded the confidence of the judiciary among the citizens, says the Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali.

Mr Tayali said the manner in which the court handled the issue confirmed the perception that the government was under siege by a few individuals who thought they were larger than the majority Zambians who gave Michael Chilufya Sata a job in September 2011.

He claimed President Sata seemed to be answerable to the few individuals than the majority Zambians that gave him the vote he needed to get to state house.

He alleged that the Malawian Judge Chikopa was brought in the country just to fix the three judges who delivered a judgement against President Sata’s ‘mighty’ friends.

“Judge Chikopa is the executioner of the sacrificial lambs that have to die professionally for doing their job. Yes, they have to be sacrificed so that others can see that you don’t ‘play’ with the people who are close to or with connections to State house.

“The three judges bound themselves in this case out of duty and Judge Nigel Mutuna delivered judgment. By delivering that judgment against the “Mighty Two” the three judges burnt their fingers and smoked their professional integrity.”

Mr Tayali said he would not be surprised to see judges who stood for the truth being victimised and deployed in undesirable manner to make them responsible for touching the “untouchable” individuals.

“They knew this would come to pass and they know Judge Chikopa will do the job he was hired for. If anything, this man is already compromised by the fact that he was given five star life in hotels and luxurious villa at Mulungushi Complex, eating free food, drinks and pocketing a tidy sum for his family back home. Surely even if there was a genuine case to probe, can such a man be trusted to conduct a fair and independent investigation,” he asked.

Mr Tayali has urged the citizens of Zambia to unite and demand for the removal of the acting chief justice Lombe Chibesakunda and her deputy Florence Mumba, so that there was justice in the tribunal.

“If Justice Chibesakunda was useful, she could have accented the independence of the Judiciary by seeing the reason in Fulgence Chisanga’s judgment. And with this judgment where is the Judiciary ‘s independence and where is the separation of powers? And if indeed she was acting constitutionally, she would have granted a tribunal to probe Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo,” said Tayali.