All opposition MPs to quit?

President Michael Sata must dissolve parliament and call for early general elections rather than continuing scheming by-elections to consolidate the Patriotic Front (PF) party failure to which the opposition MPs may resign en masse, says UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa.

Mr. Mweetwa said that the induced by-elections the PF government was promoting were an abuse of authority and tantamount to corruption because they did not provide for electoral fair play for all stakeholders but gave advantage to the ruling party.

And political activists Dante Saunders and Brebner Changala have asked all members of parliament who believe in promoting and upholding democratic principles to resign to pave way for fresh elections and stop President Michael Sata’s desires to turn Zambia into a one party state through creating corrupt piece meal by-elections.

Commenting on the resignation of MMD Mkushi Central Member of Parliament Musonda Mutale and the appointment of MMD’s Mangango Member of Parliament Robert Chiseke as Deputy Minister of Chiefs, Mr. Mweetwa described the by-elections and the appointments as corrupt and stage managed.

Mr. Mweetwa said that enticing the opposition MPs to defect to the ruling PF was in bad taste and a danger to democracy and therefore to preserve democracy and the rule of law President Sata should dissolve parliament and hold fresh elections.

“We want to challenge President Sata to dissolve parliament to enable those opposition MPs wishing to cross over to the PF contest on the PF ticket rather than holding by-elections every month.

He said that it was important that the PF government brings to a stop the perpetual by-elections by holding a general election to test their popularity and the strength it claims to have recorded in the past 1 year seven months it has been in office.

And political activists Saunders and Changala urged all MPs to resign and hold fresh election to stop President Sata’s desire for piece meal by-elections which only served the interests of the PF government.

Mr. Saunders said that it was strange that the PF was able to source and mobilise funds for by-election when mission hospitals and hospices were finding it difficult to raise funds for their operations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Changala has appealed to President Sata to stop what he described useless, stupid and extremely costly by-elections.

Mr. Changala said that President Sata had an opportunity to stop such corrupt by-elections by dissolving parliament and hold fresh elections for him to adopt people he wants to work with rather than disgracefully poaching opposition MPs.

“President Sata should realise and know for now that he was not elected to destroy the opposition by poaching MPs, he must also realise that he was not put in government for him to destroy democracy by taking Zambia 49 years back,  for that we shall fight him,” said Mr. Changala.

Caritas Zambia last week urged the Catholic Church not to support the by-elections being created by the PF government, adding that the people of Feira and other areas where such by-elections have been created, should reject candidates and parties that promote such unholy conduct.