Bemba chiefs protest Sata’s interference

The Bemba Royal Establishment has banned Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Professor Nkandu Luo from going to Bembaland and have also warned President Michael Sata to stop interfering in the affairs of the chiefdom.

The chiefs resolved during a meeting on Monday that they would not be threatened if government went ahead and withdrew their allowances as it would be for the benefit of the people as they have declined to be ruled by outsiders.

The chiefs were aware of plans to prevent chief Mwamba from becoming the next Chitimukulu hence the decision by President Sata.

The installation of chiefs, they have argued was not a function of state House or government but of the traditional Bemba Council of which President Sata was not a member.

And the chiefs said the threat by President Sata that the government would not entertain persons threatening to harm Professor Luo was ambiguous because they did not want confusion in their  area which she was promoting.

Yesterday President Sata warned that government would not entertain persons threatening to harm the minister and advised Mr Henry Sosala (chief Mwamba) to act respectably and resist from engaging in actions that were at variance with the law.

The President said this in reaction to the resolutions by the Bemba council that Mr Sosala was their senior chief and acting Chitimukulu and could therefore not accept Mr Sata’s decision to revoke the chieftainship. A chief who spoke to the Daily Nation said that the Mwinelubemba was convinced that Prof. Luo was behind the confusion that had rocked the Bemba chiefdom.

“Why should the President destabilise our kingdom? Does it mean that he has nothing to do to improve the lives of the suffering Zambians. Kabili tulemusoka kuti atalukeko kulubemba “we warn him to stay away from our kingdom.” the chief said.

He said that the President had no powers to revoke the appointment by the Mwinelubemba because the royal establishment was governed by the council.

The traditional leader further revealed that as a council they had sensed some sort of enmity from the people that influenced the decision by Mr Sata.

He said senior chief Mwamba was the right candidate because he was ever concerned with the welfare of the people.