Church warns Sata

Church leaders have appealed to President Sata not to go ahead with the judges’ tribunal because by ignoring the Supreme Court advice a very bad precedence will be set.

If President Sata proceeds it will prove to the nation that he is pandering to pressure from the K14 billion Development Bank of Zambia debtors, Mutembo Nchito, Fred M’membe and Nchima Nchito.

Last year the Minister of Finance Mr Alexander Chikwanda and Solicitor-General Musa Mwenya attempted to withdraw the DBZ loan owed by JNC, Post Newspaper and Mutembo Nchito from the court presided over by Judge Nigel Mutuna who has now been dragged to the Tribunal.

Judge Mutuna found as a fact that the K14bilion was obtained by fraudulent misrepresentation.

And Political analyst Mr Nason Msoni says that the decision by the Supreme Court had just dug a mass grave for judges who would now be at the mercy of the executive.

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza appealed to the president to heed the Supreme Court advice and abandon the judges tribunal because if allowed it will divide the judiciary

Rev. Mwanza said that it was clear through the Supreme Court ruling that the tribunal set up to probe Supreme Court Justice Philip Musonda and two High Court Judges Nigel Mutuna and Charles Kajimanga will divide the judiciary

“The three judges were unfairly treated by those in leadership and if not stopped, it will create more harm, division, hate and compromise to the judiciary,” Rev Mwanza said

“For those that read the ruling which was passed last week there was no clear cut direction. In short President Sata was given a blank cheque to do whatever he may wish to do and that is why I am challenging him to exercise morality and consciousness in the manner he wants to proceed in this matter,” said Rev. Mwanza

President of Chikondi Foundation Bishop John Mambo said President Sata was setting a very bad precedence if he failed to heed the advice of 7 Supreme Court Judges who asked him not to proceed with the Chikopa Tribunal.

Bishop Mambo said the president should revisit the decision to go ahead with the Tribunal when in fact the decision to overrule the High Court Judgment was reached by four retired Judges from the 7 Supreme Justices on the bench.

“The PF government is no longer in touch with reality, the tribunal is set to gobble huge amounts of money in allowances from government.  They are not serious with fighting corruption,” Bishop Mambo said.

He explained that the Judiciary needed a complete overhaul of its operations including the related arms of the system in the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Human Rights Commission (HRC).

And political analyst Mr Nason Msoni says President Michael Sata has a moral obligation to explain his position on the ruling by the Supreme Court in a matter that has so far divided that nation.

Mr Msoni observed that the current state of affairs under the leadership of Mr Sata were worrisome because he allowed a bunch of unelected characters to hold the state apparatus and dictated how the Judge Lovemore Chikopa tribunal and the suspension of the three judges should be handled.

“No serious leaders worth their salt could have allowed a guy in the name of a Judge to come and earn state resources for free at best just for sleeping, when there are areas of critical need yearning for a drop to serve many people from losing their lives.

The political analyst said it was now prudent for President Sata to come clean and fully explain the details of the power sharing deal with his coalition partners as Zambians feel betrayed and abused.

Mr Msoni charged that the conduct by the head of state to allow the state to be used to launder personal deals and evil deeds committed by a few selfish characters and abandoned the legitimate needs of the people was very unfortunate.

“No one is being fooled that there is no trade-off going-on here and his partners in the power sharing deal.

“We know that this PF thing has components of partners sharing power except we don’t know just how little power is left in the hands of the person Zambians elected as President officially,” Msoni said.

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  1. Fellow citizens lets just boycott the tribunal though there will be some paid stooges

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