Judge Chikopa tribunal will not be fair-Saunders

The tribunal which Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa is chairing to probe the three judges will not be fair, political analyst Dante Saunders has charged.

Mr Saunders argued that there was no way the judgment would be fair when the executive was interfering with the work of the judiciary, and wanted to ensure their friends were free from the allegations leveled against them.

Mr Saunders said the situation at hand clearly proved that President Sata was not ready to listen and  abide the law but instead would rather  listen to some individuals he was protecting.

“The tribunal is completely misplaced and there is no way you can expect a fair tribunal when Mr Sata is just adhering to advice from his friends whom he is trying to protect at the expense of setting good precedence,” he said.

Mr said that there was no way justice could prevail when the operations of the judiciary were hijacked and controlled by State House for the benefit of only those close to him.

Mr Saunders said the Constitution, under the PF government would not stand the test of time for as long as institutions like the Judiciary, DEC, police, HRC and the ACC, as well as the electoral system were working under instructions from the appointing authority.

He said the judiciary was one of the arms that should work without any interference, especially from the State.

“Judge Chikopa will make sure he does his best to please the people who brought him here and ensure that his stay in Zambia is compensated. His mission was already planned for and they all know what they are aiming for,” he said.

And Mr Saunders reiterated that the PF government had completely messed up national affairs, because of its failure for finding room to adhere the interpretation of law.

“The problem is that Mr Sata wants to do things on his own without heeding to any advice from anyone, especially those perceived to be his enemy. And nothing can work in that way,” he said.

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