K14 billion debtors do not merit Tribunal

It is shameful and unacceptable that President Michael Sata constituted a Tribunal to probe how case files moved from one office to the other within the judiciary when the country has so many pressing issues to deal with, says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr. Hichilema has since pleaded with President Sata to stop the corrupt tribunal as it was not in the interest of the country but his few  friends who owe the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) over K14 billion in a loan they do not want to payback.

And Mr. Hichilema has castigated the Supreme Court bench that sat to rule in favour of setting up of the Tribunal for partaking in the Patriotic Front (PF) corrupt schemes.

He said that it was strange and immoral to constitute a tribunal to investigate how case files moved from one judge to the other.

Mr. Hichilema said that it was immoral for the PF government to decide to pay huge amounts of allowances to the Tribunal when students, Zambians in general were in desperate need of resources.

He wondered which budget the PF would pay the tribunal from, adding that, “President Sata has sacrificed the country to corruption by allowing a corrupt process to determine the fate of the justice system of the nation. “This is shocking really because what the people of Zambia wanted to see is the fairness by the President.” he said.

He said President Sata had driven the country into serious constitutional crisis which had the potential of bringing governance of the nation to a standstill.

Mr. Hichilema said that there was nothing that the tribunal would come up with because of the perception that the judge was a friend to those in authority and would not want to look at issues but faces.

“As I have already told you this whole process is a corrupt activity, these people know what they want to hear and this Tribunal is just an academic exercise. That is how corrupt cartels operate everywhere across the world, they behave the same way. They firstly support a weak governance system in order to manipulate it and that is what has happened.

“A corrupt cartel which is an enemy to the people of Zambia saw how weak the PF is and have taken advantage for their corrupt activities. But what is worse still is in the manner they are holding Mr. Sata hostage. He is the President of this country for crying out loud, let him re-think because these people surrounding him are putting him into serious constitutional problems he will never come out,” said Mr. Hichilema.