Kabimba “buying” votes in Luangwa

The opposition NAREP has challenged the ruling PF administration to explain whether the money donation by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba when he visited Luangwa over the weekend was not for vote buying.

NAREP national secretary Jevan Kamanga said that Zambians were aware that there will be a by-election in Feira and that the action by Mr Kabimba was part of a strategy to buy the electorate in that area.

Mr Kamanga said that type of behavior by Mr Kabimba was unacceptable and a breach of the electorate code of conduct.

“We challenge the PF administration to tell the nation that making a cash donation in an area where there is an election is not corruption then what is it? Does this imply that some animals are more equal than others?

“Will dishing cash in selected areas bring about the development that the PF administration promised the people of Zambia? We call for a fair playing field and condemn the selective use of the justice system and the resulting abuse of the authority given by the people of Zambia,” he said.

Mr Kamanga also said that his party would continue to condemn the removal of the fuel subsidy without consultation with key stakeholders.

He said if the PF administration was truly committed to reducing expenditure and improving the welfare of the Zambian people it should show that commitment by stopping this endless string of “engineered” by-elections and reduce the size of Cabinet and deputy ministers.

The opposition leader said the excesses had continued to put a strain on the resources of this nation resources that could be better applied in far more important areas.

Mr. Kabimba on behalf of President Sata donated K25 million to the United Church of Zambia (UCZ).

He also donated K5 million and pledged to contribute K3 million every month until the church is complete.

Luangwa district will be holding a by-election after MMD Member of Parliament who was also in attendance defected to the PF.