Opposition MPs should resign-GYZ

All opposition MPs should seriously consider resigning to pave way for democracy to thrive in Zambia, says Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) executive director Henry Mulenga.

Mr Mulenga said politics was wasting a lot of money and had robbed the nation of resources that could have gone to develop Zambia.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Mulenga said the only way to promote democracy was by MPs quitting their positions with immediate effect.

He said the PF’s poor governance had dented the country’s image especially on democracy that Zambia was known of.

Mr Mulenga explained that it was clear that the PF government had a poor governance record by intimidating the independence of the judiciary which was one of the cornerstones of good governance.

“Once the government interferes in judicial matters, then good governance is killed, this really shows that Mr Sata in not confident with his own people. And it will be prudent if all the opposition MPs resigned so that there are fresh elections because we cannot continue to face this situation,” he said.

Mr Mulenga alleged that the PF government was perpetrating anarchy in Zambia because it was taking advantage of Zambians being peaceful.

“For how long are the people going to be peaceful when things are done in unusual way, because what we are seeing now is the genesis of the one party state that people of Zambia rejected a long time ago, ” he said.

Mr Mulenga said the PF government was doing things on their own and were not interested in dialogue that could bring peace and unity in the country because they were allergic to peace.

He said Zambians were now living in fear t because of PF interference in the judiciary which is key to ensuring that justice prevailed in the country.

Surrendering judicial independence was a recipe for anarchy because those with divergent views were slowly being gotten rid off.

“Those people who fear to tell Mr Sata are not sincere to him because time will come when they will be held responsible. We are lacking a team of experts which can offer advice to the President without fear of being fired.

But it is like people who are close to him enjoy a favourable working environment under him they enjoy their own benefits without realising the chaos that threatens the country,” he said.