PF plotting to extend its term from 5 to 8 years – Mulongoti

The PF government is inducing by-elections in order to have more numbers in parliament to amend the constitution to extend the current parliamentary term of office from five to eight years, says opposition People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti.

Such a change he said could not pass the vote in parliament where the PF has less than two thirds majority, “That is why they are inducing these by-elections to increase numbers in parliament.”

Mr. Mulongoti said that the PF wanted to change the law on the number of years parliamentarians should stay in office from the current five to eight years and that was a reason they wanted to gain more numbers through induced by-elections.

Featuring on Five Fm burning issues radio programme yesterday, Mr. Mulongoti said that it was highly questionable the PF’s desire to manipulate the constitution making process in order to allow for amendments to the current law that allows MPs to stay in parliament for five years in office.

“There is a rumor that the PF wants to extend the life span of the National Assembly from five years to eight and that is why before they could take that law to parliament, they want to firstly ensure that they have enough numbers in the house. But we have to warn them that Zambians will not allowed,” he said.

Mr. Mulongoti also said that the PF government should have a heart for the poor people and should urgently consider reversing the decision to scrap off subsidies on maize because it will hit more poor people.

He said the majority poor Zambians depended on maize which is a staple food and the removal of the subsidy will ultimately lead to the increase in prices of essential commodities.  He said Mr. Mulongoti says there is need for government to take into consideration the majority Zambians who are unemployed and cannot afford a descent meal in a day.

Mr. Mulongoti explains that it will only be fair to the Zambian people if government rescinds its decisions on the subsidies which will affect the poor more.

He has urged the government to find the right way of handling the current fuel and maize subsidies carefully for the benefit of all Zambians.

Mr. Mulongoti adds that government should also think seriously and protect the interests of the majority Zambians who pay tax.  “The problem I find with the PF is that they over promised, they made too many unattainable promises which are now haunting them to the bones,” said Mr. Mulongoti.