Tribunal will not benefit Zambians

The Tribunal against the three judges is the final stage by a group of people that have been trying to usurp state powers and control the three arms of government, to assume absolute power, political activist Brebner Changala has revealed.

Mr Changala said the Tribunal was not intended to serve national interest but those of the friends of the president and his allies adding that the tribunal was only there to intimidate and humiliate the entire judiciary.

He warned that the group has used the presidency to interfere in the judiciary thereby defeating the very principle of separation of power “because they are behaving like a giant octopus with tentacles in all state institutions.”

He chronicled how the group has managed to use the president’s office to tame and compromise former presidents to attack their opponents and with every step get closer to achieving their long term ambition.

“The group behind the current tribunal was involved and actually initiated the tribunal that removed the then DPP Mukelebai Mukelebai after loading him with a lot of falsehoods that he was conniving with the accused Xiavier Chungu, former director general of intelligence” Mr Changala said.

He however maintained that Mukelebai was subsequently cleared by the tribunal but his stay at the DPP Chambers was untenable and he was later replaced by Chalwe Mchenga who also became a target of abuse by the same group over the case of Dr Kashiwa Bulaya’s nolle prosequi.

He revealed how the group also managed to tame and compromise the late President Mwanawasa during whose tenure they developed closer working relationship with government and won a lot of government favours.

“When President passed on, they resolved and wanted to install Ng’andu Magande, the former finance minister as president because they were totally opposed to Rupiah Banda becoming president for reasons known to themselves,” Mr Changala said.

He said the group had over time become so powerful that even when RB became president he was tortured and abused throughout the period he served as president until he lost power to the PF.”When the PF came to power, the group was now plotting the final stages and the first casualty in the PF change was Mchenga whom they made sure vacated office for one of their own”Mr Changala  said the group has been systematic and launched their second attack in the PF government on the Chief Justice and his deputy and ensured that once again they installed one of their own.