HRC is a moribund body

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) is a dead body which has failed to speak on various human rights violation perpetuated by those in authority including the police high command, charges Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo.

Bishop Mambo said that Commission was a dead body which had failed to represent the people whose houses were demolished in Lusaka West by State Police despite people reporting the matter to the commission.

Police a few weeks ago demolished houses in Lusaka West and over 33 families were left in the cold, an action which has been described as the worst form of violation of human rights perpetuated by those waging the seal of power.

The displaced families have cried to the Patriotic Front (PF) government for intervention but nothing has been done to address the matter which is believed to be mainly perpetuated by high ranking police command.

The over 33 families have since asked the church  to have help them seek audience with President Michael Sata on the matter in order to see the matter resolved.

But Bishop Mambo has accused the Human Right Commission of doing nothing on the matter, saying that the commission was highly compromised.

He said that it was sad that the commission had gone to sleep with those in leadership at the expense of being the watchdog of serious human rights violation being perpetuated by those in authority.

Bishop Mambo who is also former Church of God Overseer said that the HRC had failed to protect and speak for people whose rights were violated by the PF government by grabbing land from them.

He said that there was so much abuse of human rights under the PF regime which the Human Rights Commission was supposed to expose and defend and not to go into bed to sleep with the abusers.

“It is time the HRC came out in the open and speak for the voiceless whose rights are being stepped on by those powerful political leaders we have. We should not allow this lawlessness being perpetrated by those in leadership to continue going on,” he said.And Bishop Mambo said that PF government was running the country in a reckless way by allowing cadres to take control of land administration.

He said that it was regrettable that all efforts made to stop the cadres from involving themselves in illegal land allocation had proved futile, adding that the PF was trading on a very serious volcano which if it explodes would cause more casualties.

“These people whose land is being grabbed are Zambians and they deserve land and I wonder why the PF government has left the administration of land in the hands of the cadres.

“It is difficult for the people in the country to trust the PF government anymore especially in the manner they were being treated by these cadres who are grabbing land in Lusaka West,” said Bishop Mambo.

He said that the people of Zambia were fed up with the PF governance system, adding that those close to President Sata were not helping him to govern the country in a more mature and visionary manner as expected by the people.

“These people surrounding President Sata should tell him the truth about what is happening in this country, we don’t want to have another Sudan within Zambia, we don’t want to have another Rwanda in Zambia because of land issues.

We don’t want people to start running up and down because of fighting over land,” he said.

Meanwhile, former Chilanga UPND Member of Parliament Captain Cosmas Moono said the demolition of house on farm number 10144 at Lusaka West by the police was not acceptable as it was total violation of humanity.Cap. Moono explained that the police were spearheading the demolition because they wanted to benefit from the same land.

He accused the police of being corrupt in the manner they were evicting and displacing people from the same land without a court order.