Govt appeasement policy shocks FeDePa

Government’s policy of appeasement based on selfish interests of a few individuals crusading a secret political agenda to stay in power at all costs regardless of the people’s wish is a source of concern, says Federal Democratic Party (FeDePa) leader Alfred Sayila.

Mr Sayila said government should not stubbornly defend its position on the removal of subsidies by appearing to be more reasonable than the rest of country instead of telling the people what was going on.

He alleged that the removal of subsidies was to source money for PF’s extravagant programmes such as running a huge government structure, servicing the Eurobond debt, creation of new districts and provinces and many other things that were not budgeted for.

Mr Sayila said the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize although a needed economic factor, was wrongly timed and should be condemned.

He said government should understand that there was now a growing credibility gap between itself and the public that had not seen anything tangible after all the failed promises.

Mr Sayila noted that the people of Zambia would not benefit from the Eurobond because the money was misapplied and wondered if State House had control over the funds for the roads sector.

“In fact even after we learned that the Eurobond money has been exhausted and government should again go on the streets to borrow money, we have not seen what those funds have been used for on the ground. The road network in most parts of the country continues to be in a deplorable state.

“And we know it is one thing to save money from the removed subsidies but it will be quite another to use the same money on the needed projects and programmes for Zambians,’ he said.

Mr Sayila said it was unwise for the government to donate maize to Zimbabwe at a time when food stocks in the country were fast diminishing following a poor harvest in the last farming season.

He said while Zambia appreciated good neighbourliness, it should not be done at the expense of the struggling masses in the country whose poverty levels were on the rise.

“If anything Zambians sacrificed a lot for Zimbabwe during the liberation struggle but have not received matching benefits. We know that Zimbabwe faces a critical shortage of food and the government of that country will surely use the maize from Zambia to prop up its image to the electorate in the coming elections.

No wonder the Zimbabwean leader lauded his Zambian counterpart to the skies as a great man,” he said.