President Sata must resign -Changala

President Sata should seriously consider stepping down to save Zambia from misery and total collapse, says civil rights activist Brebner Changala.

Mr Changala said in the interest of the nation Mr Sata should resign and call for early elections for the people of Zambia to choose another leader and save themselves from the current circus and comedy.

He cited the crisis in the judiciary where Malawian High Court judge Lovemore Chikopa was holding sway over the entire Supreme court and judiciary. Mr Changala said apart from that Mr Sata should also account for maize donations to President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and fuel to President Joyce Banda of Malawi.

“This he must do because a normal person cannot ration food in his house and opt to extravagantly feed his neighbours. These are serious signs of high level confusion in the PF government,” he said

He told the Daily Nation that President Sata should also account for poaching of opposition MPs which has resulted in expensive by elections. He should again account for the bloated Cabinet and deputy ministers.”Mr Sata should also tell the nation how much has been spent on Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa who has been in Zambia for almost one year doing nothing,” he said

On the removal of maize subsidy, Mr Changala said the President should address the nation through a State House Press conference to justify all that he has been doing since he took office.

“He should not do this through a Press release. We want him to call a national Press conference so that he can personally explain the goings-on in the nation. He should not leave it to his Press aide George Chellah,” said Mr. Changala